12min mobile

12min reached out to me to build the mobile app to provide even more value to their users.

The result of our collaboration is the mobile 12min app, a quick way to absorb the most actionable parts of non-fiction books.

I’ve worked with this awesome client on several other MVPs in the past. Here’s what he has to say:

Gosha built the first MVP for our company a few years ago. It enabled us to start fast, and go to market at crazy speed without losing quality. We're now a happy 150 team, going strong and a lot of the credit for this solid foundation goes to him.

Diego Gomes, Everwrite, ShopStream, and 12min

Technology behind

If you need an MVP or a custom app built for your business or an idea, there's a chance I could help you with that. Tell me about your situation and let's take it from here.